A number of people have gifted money to Wernbrake over the years, and their gifts continue to make our management of the wood possible. We would therefore like to thank and acknowledge the valuable support of:

Tom AllportDonation and Loan
Dave BarracloughLoan
Caroline BeattyLoan
Kurt BergerDonation
Rachel BergerDonation
Ceri BloorLoan
Alec CasselsDonation
Duncan ChardDonation
Keith CowlingDonation and Loan
Deb EvansLoan
Freya EvansDonation
Janice GreenfieldDonation
Matt HorrittDonation and Loan
Heather JonesDonation
Armando MagninoDonation
Andy MulletDonation
Anne OliverDonation
Kate OliverDonation and Loan
Philippa RoeDonation and Loan

Community Woodland Network

Natural Resources Wales (formerly Forestry Commission Wales)